Where do I begin?

First of all my name is Patience, I'm a Mom of 8, stage4 cancer survivor and business owner. Maybe I should slow things down…


December 18, 2015 I was in an ambulance from hemorrhaging after a molar pregnancy turned my life inside out. Long story short, I lost a few days, died and by the grace of God, was restored to fight this ugly-ness called cancer. My chemo treatments were intense, even by the nurses & doctors standards but I'm here, Praise God. I made friends with other patients, who sadly are no longer here, and nurses who keep in touch with me but have since changed departments.

Cancer affects us all, no one escapes its clutches but we have to arm ourselves with knowledge. I heard a presentation by Dr. Mark Crapo which improved my life, let’s just say that the oncology doctor had to release me after four [4] months. If you would like to know what I did subscribe to my email newsletter and I’ll share in detail my daily regiment.


Two major things happened after we (my support) kicked cancer’s azz.

  1. I grew to love and appreciate planning. It became a type of inspiration because I didn’t know if I would see tomorrow. Each day became a gift and I learned to be more intentional. Its my passion to share the joys of planning.

  2. I found my health and am restoring it daily. I was going through so much pain from the residue of toxins in my body. Simple task like tending to my children became extremely difficult. After two years of research I found a game-changer. You can learn more here.


I’m an inspirational speaker who enjoys being the catalyst to positive change. If you would like to work with me email hiveandhunny@gmail.com